Sock Therapy is a daily dose of sartorial insolence. Subtle combination of traditional French craft and derision borrowed from the Belgian creations, it’s a modern, elegant and unusual touch. It evokes a firm choice that lures the eye or discretly stresses out creativity. In both cases, it inspires an aesthesism without concession. Leave others hide behind their monotone socks.

The project creator, François-Xavier, had a childhood paced by travels and his parents professional obligations. With a sensitive look upon the world diversity, he draws from his life history colours and shapes at the crossroad of tendencies. A colourful inspiration from experiences and encounters that entices not to remain on the surface of things but to underline a detail that will tell a story. Settled in Brussels where he studied archi- tecture and design, he evokes an atmosphere favourable to dark clothing. Cold nuances under the low clouds. As a reaction, his work reflects a downright refusal towards sullen conformism and, very much like many Belgian artists, displays an unclassifiable tone.

We suggest you start your next therapy from the other end.